Pet portrait Commissions 2024

I create personalized, hand-painted pastel portraits from your photos.

A great gift idea for your loved ones that will leave them with an unforgettable memory they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.

You’d like to immortalize your pet or offer a unique and original portrait for a special occasion (birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day…).

On this page you’ll find my prices and formats.

If you would like to place an order, please contact me using the form at the bottom of the page or send me your photos and any questions by e-mail to the following address:

Take a look at all the options available

Prices and sizes

Prices are indicated in EURO, for other currencies please check

Process of booking a portrait :

Choose your size
 and contact me

Please choose the size you want and contact me by filling out the form below or write your wishes and send me your best photos to my email address 

Good quality picture is necessary to have the best portrait possible.
If you want different subjects in the same portrait but don’t have a picture of them together, just send me their best photo separately and i will make a composition.

I will then quickly send you a response indicating the deadlines according to my schedule.

If the dates suit you, i will send you a mock-up of your reference photo cropped to the exact dimensions of your chosen paper size

Quote and Payment

When you are happy with the project, you need to validate it and secure a seat in my waiting list. 

Therefore, a 50% deposit is necessary. This deposit is non refundable because you are securing a seat that could have been used by someone else.

Payments are done through Paypal.

The rest of the amount will be paid upon completion if you’re entirely satisfied by the final result.

 I will send you payment certificates by e mail.


The portrait will be shipped entirely protected with insurance. 

The time and cost of the delivery will vary according to your country (which will be indicated in your quote).

If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to message me in the form below.

Contact Form :

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